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S1 Circle

Small Size, Insane Sound!

S1 Circle

Dual Passive Radiators
Wide Frequency Response
Dual 2.5" Woofer
20W x 20W Output
True Wireless Stereo
IPX5 Waterproof

More than a speaker

S1 Circle redefines compact audio, delivering immersive sound with clarity and depth, rivaling larger systems. Experience a world of extraordinary sound, where every note, rhythm, and beat comes alive.

The S1 Circle’s spherical design is inspired by the 19th-century Helmholtz resonator, showcasing enduring scientific brilliance. It delivers room-filling soundstage, revolutionizing your expectations from a portable speaker.

Sound quality that's
as clear as crystal

Experience audio as intended with the S1 Circle, ending the era of inadequate portable speakers. Hear every tone, note, and beat with exceptional clarity. Its strategic driver positioning creates a captivating surround soundscape. Brace yourself for goosebumps as music comes to life!

Sound that will hug
you from all sides

Experience an unprecedented, immersive soundscape with the S1 Circle. Its 360-degree sound core fills every room corner. Featuring 4 strategic drivers and 2 passive radiators, it delivers crystal clear audio with perfect balance and harmony.

Bass that will
blow you away

No more mediocre bass! The S1 Circle delivers deep, implosive bass that shakes the party like never before. Dual 2.5″ woofers and passive radiators work in harmony for powerful, distortion-free bass, even at max volumes. Your guests will love it, though your neighbors might not!

A battery that will
keep the party going

No more worries about running out of battery during your party. The S1 Circle offers an impressive 20-hour battery life on a single charge, so the party can go on from dusk till dawn and beyond. Say goodbye to constant charge level checks with this small, powerful portable speaker!

Take S1 Circle to anywhere

Call off that big and expensive speaker system that you wouldn’t be able to move around—the S1 Circle has got your back, and it’s oh-so ready to blast mind-blowingly power audio.

S1 Circle is

Blast your tracks at a pool party, take your beats to the beach, or sing along while you’re having a shower. S1 Circle is IPX5 water resistant, and its fabric is waterproofed.

When one isn't enough

The UB+ speakers offer versatile options for an enhanced audio experience. Use TWS to pair two speakers for powerful stereo sound, ideal for various settings like TV setups, computer monitors, or outdoor parties. 

For even more impact, connect up to 8 S1 Circle speakers in Matrix Mode to blast music from multiple locations simultaneously. Prepare to enjoy grand, immersive, and lively music like never before!

Six vibrant color options

Enhance your home’s aesthetic with the S1 Circle speaker. Its soft fabric design, available in various colors, seamlessly blends with your furniture, be it on a TV stand, sofa side, or bookshelf. Beyond a speaker, it’s a stylish statement piece that elevates your living space’s ambiance.

Look inside S1 Circle

Achieving a powerful sound from a speaker this small doesn’t happen out of the blue. We carefully selected the best combination of components for the job, and strategically placed them within a bass reflex system to achieve powerful implosive bass.

Achieving a powerful sound from a speaker this small doesn’t happen out of the blue. We carefully selected the best combination of components for the job, and strategically placed them within a bass reflex system to achieve powerful implosive bass.

Dual 28mm Tweeters

And then you’ve got the large dual 28mm (1.1”) silk single-dome tweeters — working in balance with the woofers to provide that oh-so satisfying clean and dynamic audio that’s perfect for all styles of music.

Dual 2.5” woofers

For the dual 2.5” (64mm) woofers, we opted for a 25.8mm (1”) copper-clad aluminum ribbon voice coil that provides a smooth and extended response — and coupled it with a neodymium magnet to propel the cone to move 20mm (0.8”) in a truly pistonic fashion.

Dual Passive Radiators Passive radiators line up the front and back of the sphere, and help generate deep, resonant low frequencies.

More Features

Bluetooth 5.3 LE

No more connectivity issues! The S1 Circle uses Bluetooth 5.3 LE, ensuring a strong and reliable connection with optimized power consumption. Say goodbye to drops, lag, and drained batteries while enjoying uninterrupted music.

Built-in Microphone

The S1 Circle is equipped with a built-in microphone, making it perfect for hands-free calls and conference calls. It also features advanced noise cancellation technology, so your voice is crystal clear — even in noisy environments.

UB+ Smartphone App

Unlock S1's full potential with the UB+ Smartphone App. Enjoy total control at your fingertips: customize profiles, switch between devices, and use the equalizer for a tailored listening experience. Simply adjust the sliders until it's perfect and immerse yourself in your unique audio journey.

Raving Reviews

Technical Specifications

Passive Radiator x 2 + 2.5″ Woofers x 2 + 28mm Silk Dome Tweeters
20W + 20W
SPL (Sound Pressure Level)
Frequency Response
45Hz – 17kHz
Battery Capacity
3 x 2500mAH
Water Resistance
Charging Type
USB Type-C
Supported Bluetooth Formats

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S1 Circle

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