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dB1 doubleBASS

Powerful Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker


Powerful Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker

dB1 doubleBASS

5.2" Passive Radiator
4.5" Woofer - 90mm Magnet
True Wireless Stereo
App with EQ
Wide Frequency Response

Rich Bass
Crystal Clear Sound

Imagine lounging on the sofa with your favourite drink in hand and your favourite tunes playing in the background.

Whether it’s me-time, intimate moments with loved ones, or that long awaited reunion with your closest friends. Cherish these moments. Make memories of them.

Elevate the experience with the dB1 doubleBASS portable speaker.

Whether it’s the magic of rhythm, a language of the spirt, let the dB1 doubleBASS portable speaker bring these moments to life. Play your favourite songs, and see how the dB1 lets them build emotion, influence thought, stir feelings and inspire action.

The dB1 doubleBASS is our most innovative offering to date with proprietary technology engineered specifically to delight music aficionados looking for a speaker. Enjoy great sound, at fair value.

Yes, quality speakers can be affordable.

Quality Sound Comes First

Heart the MAGIC, feel the DRAMA. Our most dynamic listening experience lets you literally see sound resonating from the dB1 doubleBASS. Where rich resounding bass notes form a backdrop to crystal-clear, pitch-perfect, audio details.

Jazz Up The Mood

What if you could hear each note, and feel every chord, being played in your favourite tune. Or have the power of the beat course through your body and into the space of the room? With a 4.5″ woofer, an upsized 35mm voice coil, silk tweeter and the largest magnet (90mm) ever found in a portable speaker, experience how the dB1 doubleBASS amplifies the finer details of a tune and delicately balances it across the spectrum of pitch, tone and beat.

The specifications point towards up to 60W of sound delivered with gusto while each and every note across the soundscape is delivered with pitch-perfect clarity over a frequency range spanning 40Hz to 20kHz.

The doubleBASS

Unique in the dB1 doubleBASS is the way we’ve incorporated a pair of 5.2″ passive radiators that are 3x larger than the speaker driver.

What you will notice, is the pulsating movements (symmetrical oscillation) of the double passive radiators. The increased internal pressure of the air in within the dB1 doubleBASS’s frame delivers a deep, resounding bass note that will appeal to bass lovers.

Driven by internal pressure and airflow within the dB1 Doublebass’s polycarbonate frame, the symmetrical movement of the passive radiators work in unison to minimise microphonic effects that cause audio distortion and unwanted noise.

This adds a measure of solidity and stability to the speaker as it plays your favourite songs.

True Wireless System

The dB1 doubleBASS is designed to break the boundaries of traditional speaker systems.

Say goodbye to cables, and hello to lag-free connectivity with timeless aesthetics that will suit any interior.

Simple taps are all it takes to link the dB1 doubleBASS together with a second unit for an immersive listening experience. As a pair, you get to create your very own dynamic soundstage to enjoy the way your favourite sounds flow between speakers, just as if they were being played live.

Connect up to 8 UB+ units and multiply the intensity of the music.

Long Battery Life

Enjoying quality sound doesn’t have to come with restrictions, such as a fixed location, or a power source. The dB1 doubleBASS’s quartet of 2500mAH battery offers up to 20-hours of playback on a full charge, and up to 2 weeks on standby.

This makes it perfect for use it in the hall, over dinner, the bedroom, or even while soaking in the shower. Just as the music flows into space, the dB1 doubleBASS can move between spaces along with you.

ub+ Seek App

Paired with our own UB+ Seek App, the dB1 doubleBASS is as simple to control as it is easy on the eye. Central to unlocking this full potential of the dB1 doubleBASS lies in our very own UB+ Seek app.

Whether you’re going between rooms, or toggling between devices. Profiles will allow you to effortlessly detect, sync and manage how the dB1 doubleBASS portable speaker links up with your pick of computer, smartphone, or television in each room.

Customise your listening experience through the equaliser, where you can slide and set sound qualities to your exact standards.

The best part? This can all be done conveniently through your smartphone. Control it though our very own UB+ Seek app and enjoy maximum control over the way you want to enjoy your music, with swift switches in connectivity between different speakers.

Exquisite Design

Complementing the sleek, curvaceous silhouette of perfect symmetry of the dB1 Doublebass is a machined polycarbonate frame finished to the highest manufacturing standards. Be it choice of glossy white, shiny black or matte metallic grey colourways, or a bespoke wrapped finish for that blaze of character, users will delight in the visual possibilities of the dB1 doubleBASS.

Bluetooth 5.3

Laggy playback or scrambled audio is out as uninterrupted listening defines the new standard. Bluetooth 5.3 brings with it greater reliability, energy efficiency and usability.

Incorporating the latest Bluetooth 5.3 system in all networked connections between speaker and the UB+ Seek app, smartphone, computer or smartphone, the dB1 doubleBASS delivers a flawless user experience. Experience the difference as it streams your favourite playlists from Spotify and Apple Music or videos conveniently without quality or connectivity drops.


Technical Specifications

4.5″ Bass + 1.5″ Tweeter + Passive Radiator x 2
40W + 20W
SPL (Sound Pressure Level)
Frequency Response
40Hz – 20kHz
Battery Capacity
4 x 2500mAH
Battery Playback
Battery Voltage
TWS Pairing Capability
Low Latency
App EQ Control
Speaker Frame
PC (Polycarbonate) Material
Waterproof Fabric
Stainless Steel Belt Holder
Bluetooth 5.3
3.5mm/USB Type-C/Bluetooth 5.3
Dimensions (mm) L x B x H
185 x 185 x 181
Enclosure Diameter (mm)
Weight (kg)
2.8 (6.1lbs)

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